History of our company is closely conected with Electroplating And Painting Equipment "ZUGiL" S.A. Wielun, as we were employed for many years in ZUGiL forming the creative potential as engineering staff and achieved professional experience.This, almost fifty year history we present in short in few meaningful for company dates.
In 1945 in small, prewar workshop (former smithy) was established factory repairing tractors and agricultural machines.
In 1948 workshop has been renamed for Technical Service of Agriculture maintain current range of production.
In 1957 was formed Designing Office incorporating in 1958 factory into assotiation PROZAMET and this name was given for factory. From this moment production range have been significantly chamged. Agriculture production and services were finished.
In 1959 roku began production of first galvanic plants
In 1961 first automatic galvanic lines was started-up.
1964 production was extended for painting plants.
In 1965 factory was named Electroplating and Painting Equipment. From this year begun export of plants manufactured by ZUGiL to many countries in the world.
In 1976 starts cooperation with west-european companies, raising in this way technical level of manufactured plants by diffusion of new technologies from company DÜRR - Germany in scope of painting plants.
In 1976 was established Designing Office.
In the next years and all eighties took place further development of protective coating, increase of export to many countries and consolidation of ZUGiL position as leader in protrctive coatings branch.
In 1984 at the Poznan International Fair company won Gold Medal for modern automatic gold plating line.
In 1989 at the Poznan International Fair company was again awarded for modern painting line.
In 1995 company was privatized within NationalInvestment Fund Programme entering to XI NFI.
In 1998 take place restructuring changes with an aim to adjust the company to economical changes in Poland and requirements of free market.

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